Privacy Statement

1. What is the Cross Border Partnership for Employment Services?

CBPES was established to help make things easier for those who wish to commute daily or weekly across the border region in order to work. It does this by attempting to overcome at least some of the obstacles which people face. In particular, it provides pathways to the information required by people moving across the border, for example, jobseekers that need information on employment and training opportunities on both sides of the border, on taxation and the social security systems. The Partnership also aims to assist employers by providing them with access to a larger pool of labour i.e. jobseekers living on both sides of the border. Advice is available to employers on a range of cross-border recruitment issues.

2. What personal information is being collected and transmitted to the Cross border Job Fair site and how it will be used.

At the time of registration for an event the following information is required:-

Jobseeker - Name, Gender, County, current job status, and age range. Jobseeker registration data will be held for the entirety of that event in which the jobseeker registers for, and for 5 working days following the event completion. Data will then be permanently deleted.

Employer - company name, company contact name & job title, e-mail address, contact phone No, nationality,  county, organisation type, sector, short biography and logo.  This data is stored to build an employer database and to inform employers of future events and promotions. Employers can request data be deleted by emailing

3. How is the data being collected and by whom

We will never collect any unnecessary personal data from you and do not process your information in any way other than those already specified in this notice. When uploading a CV or completing an Expression of interest on the site, the data is sent directly to the employers registered e-mail address. The employer will receive a formatted version of the document, the reason is to demonstrate suitability to the job requirement and to encourage the employers to arrange interviews with the candidates.

 4. Who has access to your information and to whom is it disclosed

Upon registration your data is stored in a secure server located within the EU. The data provided upon registration is available to those who hold an admin status on the Cross Border Job Fair system, until such time as it is automatically deleted 5 days after the event ends. This data is available to system admins so they can manage the event and ensure employers receive submitted CV/EOI from potential candidates. Once CV’s/ EOI’s are uploaded, the data is then transferred directly to the registered employer’s e-mail address associated with the advertised vacancy.

 5. How can you verify, modify or delete your information

To have your information removed from our system pre-event you can contact us at and request your data be deleted. If we receive a request from you to exercise any of the above rights, we may ask you to verify your identity before acting on the relevant request, this is to ensure that your data is protected and kept secure.

 6. How long do we keep your data?

Your data is stored from the point of registration (for an event) right through completion of that said event and for 5 working days following the completion of the event. Once the 5 working days have passed all data relating to your registration will be deleted apart from your name and which job opening (role) if any you have applied for. This is to enable us to link jobseekers with companies after an event if there are any issues with cv applications not being received.

7. Contact information and complaints

CBPES only processes your personal information in compliance with this privacy notice and in accordance with the relevant data protection laws. If, however you wish to raise a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data or are unsatisfied with how we have handled your information, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

 8. Future Updates

This data protection statement may need to be changed from time to time. Users agree that they will be notified of such updates by a service message on the Cross Border Virtual Jobfair Platform and that their use of the services after the effective date of the updated data protection statement constitutes their agreement to the updated terms. The updated terms will be effective as of the time of posting unless a later date is stated in the service message.

Last updated February 2023

GDPR Statement

The Department of Social Protection  - The Department is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with both European union and Irish data protection legislation. The Department is required to lawfully and fairly process personal data about employees, customers, suppliers and other individuals in order to achieve its mission and functions. The general data protection regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018. The regulation and the data protection acts confer rights on individuals in relation to the privacy of their personal data as well as responsibilities on those persons holding and processing such data.

Dept. of Social Protection Privacy Statement 

Department for Communities - Sending personal information outside of the United Kingdom (UK) - since the UK left the European union international transfers are now governed under the UK GDPR rules. If we transfer your information outside of the UK, we will only do so in order to follow your instructions or comply with a legal obligation. We will ensure that the receiving jurisdictions commit to protecting your information with standards equivalent to those demanded by the UK GDPR.

Data Protection in Dept. for Communities

Privacy & Security Policy

We are committed to protecting your personal data via providing a secure website and best practice policies on data protection. We do not share your personal data with anyone else.

What information do we collect:

We collect information the following information:

Google analytics cookies:

We use google analytics to review our website and this lets us see information such as number of visitors how long they stay on and what pages they have viewed. Google analytics does not provide any personally identifiable information about you. In order to run google analytics we use a cookie which is a small piece of software that loads in your browser which will log your site visit and the pages visited. Google analytics will store your ip address and also records the pages you visit on our website and other information which is not personally identifiable to you. For more information on google analytics https: //www. Google. Co. Uk/analytics

Enquiries & feedback:

As a fail safe we have also built in an automatic deletion system that will automatically delete your personal details after 12 months. Unless you have ticked the opt in box so that you can be keep up to date with news and promotions.

My right to be forgotten

If you choose you have the right to have personal information about you deleted from our systems you can do this by emailing us at and we will delete your personal details from our systems.

Security & Data Encryption:

The website and the data is stored in a secure data center. We take your data protection very serious and therefore the data stored on our website is encrypted.

Accessibility Statement

If you need information in a different format contact us at and tell us:

  • The web address (url) of the content
  • Your name and email address
  • The format you need, for example, audio cd, braille, bsl or large print, accessible pdf

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